I’ve not screen-printed before! Does this matter?

Not at all. Most of the sessions I run are aimed at students who have never screen printed before. The wonderful thing about printing is that it is easy and immediate process, so you will always go home having produced your own prints. Also all of the workshops run from my Kingham studio have maximum of four students, so we will have plenty of time to work together so you are happy with what you make.

What should I wear?

Messy clothes! Screen printing is NOT a mess-free process and that’s all part of the fun. I provide aprons and gloves should you want them but would highly recommend wearing old clothes that you won’t mind getting some splashes of print paste on.  

Can I bring my own fabrics from home to print onto?

Absolutely. Your workshop will include some cotton and linens to print onto but if you have any cloth at home that you’d like to experiment on then please do! We will mainly be using Pigment inks for printing, these are fast drying and sit on top of the fabric surface, so it doesn’t matter if your fabrics are natural or synthetic. You may find you get better results from light cloth, rather than dark, but it is always worth experimenting to see what the results will be.

Can I bring my own sketchbooks and drawings in to work from?

If you have an idea of what you’d like to print before the workshop or course, then that’s great and please bring in any sketches or images that inspire you. Together we can look at them and find the best ways to develop this research into textile designs. If you have no clue at all what you’d like to make, then that also is absolutely fine! We can develop any ideas and you go along, or just have fun experimenting with print and colour.

What print pastes will I be using?

 All of the printing we do is with Pigment inks. Pigments are quick and easy to use as they are insoluble and lie on the surface of your fabric, rather than dying it. They are ‘fixed’ with heat from a hot iron or heat-press after printing. Pigments are available in a wide range of colours as well as metallic, pearl, white and pastel shades which are made using specialist binders.

The pigments we use in workshops and classes are waterbased MagnaPrint Eco Pigments. They are non-toxic, APEO Free, Ethylenglycol free formulations.

Can I park onsite?

Yes, there is free parking at Langston priory Workshops. Directions and a map are found on the contact page.